Thursday, October 26, 2023

Ep 177. The One with the Princess Cruise


In the 177th episode of The Main Street Electrical Podcast, Jenn & Dave are talking Princess Cruises this time around!  And no, not Disney Princess Cruises on a Disney ship with Belle and Aurora... the actual Princess Cruises brand, and d$'s recent sailing to the Pacific Northwest aboard the Majestic Princess!

First, Jenn chats a little about packing for her upcoming WDW trip (which at the time of this episode's release, will be pretty much over...) and Dave talks about "Boo'ing" his neighbor kids... then, a deep dive into the Majestic Princess cruise!

Dave and his lovely wife Stephanie were able to swing taking a 7 night cruise leaving out of Vancouver, so he runs down their flight across the country, traveling to the port, and embarkation.

They give travel tips along the way (like, if you have the chance to just Uber... DO IT), as well as port tips and cruise tidbits.

Dave also gives a review of the ship and the experience itself, including what was awesome, like the staff, and what needs a little work (needing some more USB ports!), why Princess Plus is cool, using the medallion, getting on a Cruise game show, checking out the ports, and how will the internet work in the North Pacific??

Also... who is this cruise for? That ultimate question and much more answered in this great conversation! 

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