Thursday, October 12, 2023

Ep 175. The One with the Park Hopping


In the 175th episode of The Main Street Electrical Podcast, Jenn & Dave turns out to be No Jenn Just Dave today... as Jenn (and Friend of the Show #KylaKylaKyla) are returning from their trip in London & Paris -- at recording time, they were flying out, and at the time you listen, they'll be home, recovering from jetlag!

Dave takes the show solo today, first briefly touching on his Majestic Princess cruise from last week, then "hopping" on all the big news released this week, including the big news that Park Hopping rules of "Only after 2p" are going to be dropped on January 9th, adding to the other big events of that day, including Park Pass Reservations going away and Disney Dining Plan coming back.

He also gives a short list of things he wishes Disney would bring back (Express anyone?) and then runs through the list of the Candlelight Processional narrators revealed recently, and the dining package that goes with it.

Finally, in an off-the-cuff chat, a quick word of encouragement via a Walt quote, regarding all the craziness of the world today. 

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