Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Ep 198. The One with the Girls (NOT) Rope Dropping


In the 198th episode of The Main Street Electrical Podcast, Jenn & Dave become Jenn & Heather for a week, as d$ is currently running around Magic Kingdom (at the time of this recording) and Animal Kingdom (at the time of this episode release)! 

So Quasi Producer Heather, aka The Moana Mom fills in the gaps, as she and Jenn talk this week's Disney News, D23, and some bold predictions for the future.

They also cover how to navigate the parks if you choose not to rope drop, and which situations that works best for! This and other magical chatter is up for grabs in this week's episode!

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Ep 197. The One with Another Magical Roundup


In the 197th episode of The Main Street Electrical Podcast, Jenn & Dave are just here to chit-chat Disney adventures, upcoming events, and a little news.

Jenn just returned from her magical stay - and possibly betraying her beloved Grand Floridian - while Dave makes a city-wide search for Encanto, with good reason. Jenn also gives her take on Roundup Rodeo BBQ in Hollywood Studios.

We explain what happens with "stacking" Lightning Lane reservations, then give an update on the "other park" down the road -- and how fast Universal's Epic Universe is coming along.  Disney filing for work permits around Animal Kingdom fuels the speculation and Dave laments Disneyland getting the good stuff... again.

Plus, a way, way too early preview of this summer's D23 fan event, and the Disney Legend announcements, with a short list of some names who should be Disney Legends by now... and yeah, one name will shock you. 


Thursday, March 14, 2024

Ep 196. The One with Disney Lunches & Lounges


In the 196th episode of The Main Street Electrical Podcast, Jenn & Dave extend their foodie conversation from last week, this time to cover a handful of brunches and lunches and lounges (oh my)

First up, #KylaKylaKyla returns to the show for a 2nd week in a row, as Jenn gives a super quick recap on her adventure on Virgin Voyages last week... Dave is excited to be back into the world of pin trading (while his wife Stephanie is headed to Africa)... and Kyla is panicked over park reservations. Which are stupid. Digress...

Then, Disney has released a new ticket promotion, which Kyla has taken advantage of for an upcoming trip, while they explain the differences in all of them.

Finally, a look at the places frequented by the hosts, the team, and significant others a few weeks ago, including Summerhouse at the Lake... Baseline Taphouse... The Hydraulics Food Stand... Tune-In Lounge... Nomad Lounge... Satu'li... Enchanted Rose... La Cava... Le Creperie... and even more. 

If you need some ideas on where to grab a drink, or grab a Coke glazed cinnamon roll, this is your ep! 

Thursday, March 7, 2024

Ep 195. The One with Disney Dining Reviews


In the 195th episode of The Main Street Electrical Podcast, Jenn & Dave are hoping you came to the show hungry today... because it's all about dinner at Disney.

To properly review and discuss as the great dining that was had in the recent agency trip, 3rd co-host #KylaKylaKyla joins to show -- first to give her tips on adults enjoying Disney Jr Live on Stage, and to comment on Animal Kingdom and what is removable. 

Then a rundown of meals shared together, either with Jenn, Dave, and Kyla all taking part, with just Dave and Kyla and significant others, or Dave and Lovely Steph.  Included in this episode is a review of The Yachtsman Steakhouse... Rose & Crown... Raglan Road... Mama Melrose... Shiki Sai in Epcot... The Hollywood Brown Derby... and a quick look at Topolino's atop the Riviera Resort. 

And along the way, lots of laughs and some nonsense, as does happen when the three get together.  

Friday, March 1, 2024

194. The One with the Park Challenges


It's hitting the universe a day late, but the latest episode is straight from the past weekend when the Upon a Star team met up in WDW, and participated in a large team scavenger hunt that put 29,000 steps on d$'s step counter, and put the teams all over the parks. 

First, Jenn is continuing to catch up from being gone over the weekend, and Dave is proud of wearing the right shirt for his anniversary dinner.  And big congrats to Quasi-Producer Heather, aka the Moana Mom, for running the 5K and 10K

Next, they discuss 2025 pricing being released so early in the year (and speculate as to why), then take a look at not only the Team Challenge that Jenn created, but also give ideas for other park challenges YOU may want to do.

If you are going to the parks for the first time, definitely do your parks touring plan... but if you've been several time and are looking for a different way to experience the parks, we have some ideas!  Food challenges and ride challenges and scavenger hunts and much more! 

And let us know what YOUR fave park challenges are!  Drop us an email at!