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Here are the books & other products that both Jenn & Dave recommend


"HATCH" - McNair Wilson

Most Corporate Brainstorming Isn't Brainstorming . . . Not Even Close. (Usually what's going on is playful arguing with snacks on the table.) McNair Wilson spent a decade inside Disney--mostly at Disney Imagineering designing theme parks. His 7 Agreements of Brainstorming will assist your team in launching world-class products, services, and programs. You will create competition-crushing concepts using brainstorming that works! (And you can keep the snacks on the table.) HATCH! is a highly entertaining book filled with the author's witty drawings and scores of examples of McNair's 7 Agreements in use by big corporations and small non-profits. 

Hear McNair with Dave & Jenn in Episode 102



As you already know, Keto isn’t about you feeling that you’re “missing out”, it’s about enjoying food! And going to Walt Disney World is no exception! You won’t have to miss out on those themed restaurants or dinner shows.Take this book as your guide to each restaurant and show the chefs or servers the pictures I’ve included.
I’ve made the book to accommodate the strict Keto lifestyle, but that was to help you no matter where you are on the diet. You can use this book as a complete guide when ordering or as a reference to modify to your own taste.

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