Thursday, June 25, 2020

106. The One with the Disney Dads


In the 6th episode of The Main Street Electrical Podcast...

We kick off the show with some Disney'ing in this crazy week... then talk about the new WDW park reservation system... discuss some re-opening news, along with NBA and MLS coming to Disney World... some sad Be Our Guest menu changes... and more random news bits.

Then we invite in our friends Matt and Susie from The ImagineEars Podcast as we do the first part of Top Ten (and five worst) Disney Dads!  Then, an Earful Magical Moment

Thursday, June 18, 2020

105. The One with the Pixar Attractions


In the 5th episode of The Main Street Electrical Podcast, Jenn & Dave have a packed show this week.

Upon a Star Meredith's Rose Ears that are the subject
of this week's Magical Moment
First up, some updated reopening news, including 2021 air travel, new bag checks, and rumored resort cancelations

Then, a review of Artemis Fowl, now on Disney+, and a larger conversation on Disney's recent bad  adaptations, including The Nutcracker and Wrinkle in Time, and how great the Chronicles of Narnia films are.

Finally, Jenn & Dave take a look at the Pixar films and properties that do not have Disney attractions -- and it's their job to take existing attractions and match them with a Pixar movie.

Test Track gets a retheme... Dinosaur! gets a new look... even classics like Peter Pan's Flight aren't safe!  Plus a earful Magical Moment!

And make sure you check out our friend Katrina Stone, songwriter and singer -- she did the ending voice over and deserves all the acclaim.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

104: The One with Christine in Fantasyland


On this episode of The Main Street Electrical Podcast!  Jenn's other podcast, Divas Dish Diz, has a few co-hosts, and one of them, Christine Fox, joins our show!

First up, How Did You Disney? is answered by some Haunted Mansion, Donald Duck, and Grand Floridian

Then, the show welcomes entrepreneur, Disney park enthusiast, mom, friend, and much more, Christine helps Jenn & Dave run through Fantasyland, attraction by attraction, including some dining, and declare it overrated, underrated or rated... rated...

Who thinks Peter Pan is overrated?  Who declares Its a Small World underrated?  And a few quick stories behind the scenes from Christine.

And a Magical Moment for you involving some vintage Disney swag from the early 80s (see pic below!)

Get Christine's Book HERE 

The Shirt in question during Dave's Magical Moment (Or rather, his wife Steph!)

Thursday, June 4, 2020

103: The One with Disney Did-You-Knows


In the 3rd episode of The Main Street Electrical Podcast, Jenn & Dave talk a little news and a little birthday Small World Disney'ing...

Then the duo check out some Disney Did You Know stories, including what happened to Dixie Landings, the storytelling behind Port Orleans Riverside, details on Liberty Square, things you may have missed at Pirates, and the mess that was Captain EO.

Plus, a Magic Moment with a bunny rabbit. And a call to be magical to each other...

Plus the debut of the news theme and our new ending outro!!

Friends of the Show & Their Contributions:
Podcast Logo - Scott Cuzzo of A Spry Mind
Opening Theme - Brady Novotny
Opening Narration - Johnathan Lee Iverson
News Theme - Tim Dumais
Ending Theme & Narration - Katrina Stone