Thursday, September 28, 2023

Ep 173. The One with Roller Coasters... LIVE


In the 173rd episode of The Main Street Electrical Podcast, Jenn & Dave hit the YouTubes and go LIVE!  

First up, Jenn is ready to travel again, while d$ is traveling as you hear this ep (provided you hear it within a few days of it dropping, anyway).  Then,
they discuss a few thoughts and predictions on Disney's announcement about spending upwards of $60 billion (with a B!) on parks and experiences in the coming years.

Finally, they revisit a topic that has become an annual list... the top ten roller coasters in Disney and Universal parks. Of course, they can only rank what they've done so far -- so that leaves out Universal Hollywood and overseas parks -- but they also review what their Top Ten looked like in previous years.

It's a LIVE show as featured on YouTube, so you get all the blunders and glitches that go with it, including some long awaited Patreon news! 


Thursday, September 21, 2023

Ep 172. The One with the Foodie


In the 172nd episode of The Main Street Electrical Podcast, Jenn and Dave are in the midst of a wild few weeks of both travel and podcast recordings - and joining the show and the chaos is Friend of the Show and host of the Food For Thoughtcast, Melissa Reagan.

Melissa just returned from a solo trip, her first time back in several years, and she gives the lowdown on staying at Pop Century, some of her favorite attractions (and battling a little motion sickness), and her favorite eats -- including her real life Chef perspective on Epcot's Food & Wine Festival, with her faves (and not so faves). Plus, trying every dish at Roundup Rodeo's BBQ in Hollywood Studios, and her fave meal of the week - Tiffin's! 

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Ep 171. The One with Destination D23


In the 171st episode of The Main Street Electrical Podcast, Jenn & Dave cap off a busy week with a full recap of the Orlando version of the D23 Expo, this one called Destination D. 

Jenn is trying to plan her own trip in between her busy schedule, while Dave has finished Bob Thomas' definitive Walt bio, "Walt Disney: An American Original", and then to remember 9/11, Dave shares the story of Disney World on the morning of Sept 11, 2001 - how the parks reacted, meeting with other parks, and Cast Members funneling all the guests out of the parks.

Then, they dive right into the D23 headlines and announcements, including Disneyland's new Avengers addition... Ahsoka coming to Star Tours... the possible confusion of Wish (the movie) and Wish (the ship)... Dave proudly announcing (again) that he predicted the new ship's name... DinoLand going extinct... rumors of Encanto and Indiana Jones... Moana's Journey of Water finally opening and thoughts on how people may get around... new fireworks... 

Plus, a discussion of Country Bear Jamboree changes, Jenn's reaction to Tough to Be a Bug going away, and Dave's take on Magic Kingdom's (non) announcements. 

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Ep 170. The One with the Treasure Reveal


In the 170th episode of The Main Street Electrical Podcast, Jenn & Dave talk treasure!  Specifically -- The Disney Treasure, the latest ship in the Disney Cruise Line Fleet, setting sail in December 2024.

Before we get there, however, there is a brand new Dining Card Promotion that Disney suddenly dropped on everyone early in the day -- so Jenn & Dave break down all the details (and you can read the full details here!)

Then, they take a look at Halloween Horror Nights over at Universal Orlando, including getting your tickets, the importance of Express Pass, and all the Haunted Houses - and their own aversion to them.

Then, a good look at the Disney Treasure, which Disney revealed information about this past week -- the theming itself, what to expect, the bars and clubs and lounges, the restaurants, the unique things about the ship - and what will be similar to the Disney Wish, which is the Treasure's "Sister Ship"

Finally, both Jenn and Dave made a few predictions for this weekend's Destination D convention - new lands? new parks? ticketing changes? and maybe another Disney ship?