Thursday, August 31, 2023

Ep 169. The One with Summer Travels


In the 169th episode of The Main Street Electrical Podcast, Jenn & Dave are finally winding down the summer and recapping some of the amazing journeys the last few months have taken them on.

Well, at least for Jenn... with Dave, his big adventure was finally getting to watch the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special in it's entirety, with 1977 commercials, and is more than happy to give a review.

Friend of the Show #KylaKylaKyla joins the episode to talk about her recent girls trip, while Jenn discusses her latest Adventures by Disney trip, which took her to Costa Rica for the second year in a row.

Then, while Dave asks the questions, Kyla and Jenn both give the highlights of the Disney cruise they and their families took a few weeks ago, which brought them to Norway, France, Denmark, England and more!

And how to size up the lifeboats by your cabin just in case the ship does a Titanic.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Ep 168. The One with Magical Mistakes


In the 168th episode of The Main Street Electrical Podcast, Jenn & Dave are back together to chat up all the magic again!

Jenn kicks off the show by talking briefly about her latest adventures (and how being at home is kinda nice for a while), while Dave gives a quick nod to Ahsoka.  

Some news bites include more park trams coming soon... Mirabel's meet n greet... the Disney Wish (not the ship, the movie)... predictions for the Figment meet up... Death Eaters coming to Universal... and Tiana's Palace desserts and delights. 

Then, they go over some mistakes people make while traveling to both Disney World or on Disney cruises... why travel protection is important... making park pass reservations early... looking closely at your dining plan... not paying attention to your travel times... the dangers of skipping a pre-night stay... and passport woes (and what to do if you forgot it!)

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Ep 167. The One with the Summer News and a Haunted Mansion Review


In the 167th episode of The Main Street Electrical Podcast, Jenn & Dave reunite on the show, as she's returned from her long cruise away (only to leave next week too!).

But in the meantime, they do a little catch up over the weeks, then dive into a bunch of random park news topics, including the opening of Minionland... the building of Dreamworks park area... the beginning of the Food & Wine Festival... the first night of Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (and the sold-out days so far)... Disney Springs parking changes... and the Haunted Mansion closing--for two days.

Plus the update on the updated Dining systems at Disney World and Disneyland. 

They do a little "will it open again" chat with various areas that haven't reopened yet, including Blizzard Beach and Voyage of the Little Mermaid.

Finally... Jenn saw a movie!  They both had the chance to see Disney's latest live action film "The Haunted Mansion", and they both give their take on the movie -- what worked (lots of Easter Eggs) and maybe what didn't (might be a tad too dark). 

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Ep 166. The One with Walt's Apartment


In the 166th episode of The Main Street Electrical Podcast, Jenn & Dave is just Dave today... along with Quasi Producer Heather, aka The Moana Mom, filling in while Jenn returns from her long Disney Dream European sailing.

First up, a quick nod to the legendary Jim Korkis and what he meant to the hosts and to the Disney community, and how his passing will be grieved. 

Then... Disneyland is the topic once more, as Heather also recounts her trip -- while last week's guests, Upon a Star Jess and Bluebird Emily gave their first (and second) hand perspective, this time Heather and Dave have more of a historical conversation. 

Heather and her daughters took the Walt's Main Street Story Tour (formerly "Walking in Walt's Footsteps") and ended up in Walt's apartment, which makes for a great chat about legacy and history.

Also, they checked out "Rogers: The Musical", which leads to wondering if the hugely popular show will extend it's run there -- and ways it can possibly come to Walt Disney World.