Thursday, December 28, 2023

Ep 186. The One with the Candlelight Processional... with Friends


In the 186th episode of The Main Street Electrical Podcast, Jenn & Dave close the year with what is now a tradition -- with the Candlelight Processional! 

In year's past, both Jenn and Dave have taken turns reading the narration, pulled directly from the long standing classic annual production at Epcot, with the music from the show interspersed, but this year, they've asked a few Friends of the Show to pitch in and lend their voices to the narrations.

Matt & Susie from The ImagineEars Podcast... Catron, Ryan, and Chris from IAmGeek... Derek Frank from Living with the Landspeeder... Melissa Reagan from The Food for Thoughtcast... and show faves Quasi Producer Heather and #KylaKylaKyla all assist, with Dave and Jenn of course. 

What you'll hear in this show is nearly the exact show you'd hear if you attended the CLP over the holiday season at Epcot. So we hope you enjoy our presentation of The Candlelight Processional.

All rights of music go to the writers, composers, and producers of the musical works themselves, as well as the script of the narration to those who adapted it for the show. 

Matt & Susie on IG @the_imagineears , @travelmationappleby , @susie487

Ryan, Catron, Chris on IG @Iamgeekshow , @catron_iamgeek,  @cstreet81, 

Derek Frank on IG @thederekfrank and @livingwiththelandspeeder

Melissa Reagan on IG @thefoodforthoughtcast

Heather on IG @Themoanamom

Kyla on IG @disneygeek27 

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