Thursday, September 28, 2023

Ep 173. The One with Roller Coasters... LIVE


In the 173rd episode of The Main Street Electrical Podcast, Jenn & Dave hit the YouTubes and go LIVE!  

First up, Jenn is ready to travel again, while d$ is traveling as you hear this ep (provided you hear it within a few days of it dropping, anyway).  Then,
they discuss a few thoughts and predictions on Disney's announcement about spending upwards of $60 billion (with a B!) on parks and experiences in the coming years.

Finally, they revisit a topic that has become an annual list... the top ten roller coasters in Disney and Universal parks. Of course, they can only rank what they've done so far -- so that leaves out Universal Hollywood and overseas parks -- but they also review what their Top Ten looked like in previous years.

It's a LIVE show as featured on YouTube, so you get all the blunders and glitches that go with it, including some long awaited Patreon news! 


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