Thursday, October 27, 2022

Ep 128. The One with Disney Villain Songs


After dreaming about what's Beyond Big Thunder last week with Quasi Producer Heather and d$, building a Villains park, and basically planning Magic Kingdom's future... Jenn returns from her jaunt to Mexico on this Halloween themed episode! 

She gives a quick rundown on the Mexican humidity (and the hair poofy) and Dave shares one of his upcoming Disney plans that he's super excited about.  

A little news kicks off, including Blizzard Beach reopening... Fantasmic! returning... Candlelight Processional's restaurants... and Elton John on Disney+, which leads to an entire side conversation about concerts, who they want to see and why neither do many concerts.

Then!  The Villain Songs!  Before the show, Dave reached out to several Friends of the Show to get their own Top Ten lists of Fave Disney Villain songs, and with almost two dozen submitted, one definitive Top Ten list was created!

Jenn & Dave share their own personal top ten Disney villain songs, then a look at many of the songs that didn't make the official Top Ten list. 

Finally, the list... starting at 10, they take it song by song, share a story or two, and take about some great behind the scenes -- including the two songs that have super serious backstories mirroring both history and real-life... the Villain songs not sung by the actual villains... the creepiest Disney Villain song out there... and Gaston sings Shakespeare... 

Make sure to check out and follow our contributors to this episode - check them out on Instagram and find their shows! 

Skywalking Thru Neverland @SkywalkingPod

The ImagineEars Podcast - @the_imagineears 

The IAmGeek Podcast - @IAmGeekShow

Rob Lott, Dapper Dan & Six Gun Slocomb - @BlueTrumpetCreative

Quasi-Producer Heather - @TheMoanaMom

And here are links to all the songs in our Top 10 -- don't click til you listen to the episode, so it doesn't ruin it for you! 

Disney Villain Song Number 10

Disney Villain Song Number 9

Disney Villain Song Number 8

Disney Villain Song Number 7

Disney Villain Song Number 6

Disney Villain Song Number 5

Disney Villain Song Number 4

Disney Villain Song Number 3

Disney Villain Song Number 2

Disney Villain Song Number 1


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